What a wonderful week.

DSC00651.JPGWe had a great week, the weather was just amazing, considering it was the end of October, start of November, it was only on the Monday we had any bad weather, even then it only rained up to about 2:00pm then the sun came back. The remainder of the week there wasn’t hardly a cloud in the sky, it was so nice to wake up in the morning and look out to clear blue skies and the temperature was averaging 70 degrees each day.  The clocks changed whilst we were there so it got really dark about 6:00pm and the temperature would drop, but we still managed a couple of late barbeques in the dark under the camping lights.

We got loads done; we did have some quite long days at the plot, but got a good balance between working and resting. We managed to strim the whole fruit section of the land, prune all the grape vines, prune all the apple, pear and peach trees, not that we have a clue what we are doing but they look pretty now. We also managed to start knocking down the chicken shed that is/was attached to the hut. It didn’t get finished, but we got half way there. The main reason was the sledgehammer I got was just too heavy for me to swing.

DSC00665.JPGWe also managed two visits to the architect and had a wonderful days drive up into the mountains. There are some amazing roads and views all within an hour of our plot; wow we are going to have such fun when we get the house built.

Most evenings we were back at the apartment to watch a film on the laptop or do some research into costs etc for the build. All in all a very pleasant and productive week.  We packed everything away on the Friday, ensuring everything we were leaving in the hut was well protected for the winter as we won’t probably see it again until next Easter, boo hoo!

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