It’s Friday and off we go.

wereoffWe both work Friday morning, around 1:30 Teresa grabbed her bag (hand luggage) and headed towards Gatwick on the train. After a quick change of clothes in the toilet at work I jumped in the car and headed to Gatwick as well. We pretty much arrived at the same time, I just had time to visit the MoneyCorp desk and pick up some Euro’s.

MoneyCorpIn earlier blogs I have mentioned the importance of using a currency exchange company when you are changing Sterling to Euros. There are a number of different companies you can use, I have recommended World first and they are excellent, but they don’t have a non web presence. MoneyCorp who also do the same kind of service, do have that public presence and at Gatwick they seem to be at every corner. The one thing they do is offer over World First is  a Privilege card, I highly recommend you sign up, you will get a much improved rate of exchange for cash at the airport. When I visited the advertised rate was around 1.06 with my privilege card I got 1.16, that’s an extra 10€ for every £100.

The remainder of the trip over was fairly incident free, apart from a 15 minute delay on the A1 out of Lisbon, due to an accident. We arrived at Marc & Mieke’s apartment around 11:30pm which gave us time just to unpack the bags and into bed by 12:30 ready for the week.


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