The Old Hut – September 2016

demolitionballIn combination with the landscaping work that we need on the farm, we have also agreed with the same contractor to get the old hut demolished.

The plan is that he will remove all the roof tiles, as these may be reusable, the Portuguese seem to put great value on roof tiles. These will be stacked at a suitable point on our land. The wood inside, mainly the structure of the roof, will be removed and cut into log size pieces that we can use on the wood burner. I expect these will just be left somewhere and I will have to move them and store them in the garage along with all the wood stacked there last year from the pruning of the Olive trees.

The main fabric, e.g. the tile blocks and bricks would be broken down and form a wide path down the original dirt track to the farm area, sloping away from the neighbour and down towards the stream. At the same time reuse the old 500mm pipes that were removed from the stream bridge, mentioned in an earlier blog, to form a large drain to take the flow of water that will run down the track, along with the water dispensed from the pool plant room, when we clean the pool system, or empty the pool and take the water and run it into the stream.

Again, it was planned that this work would happen in September, but as mentioned in the farm blog, we are still waiting.

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  1. I can tell you that they value tiles with good reason. I have a property near Alvaiazere that had a) some damaged tiles and b) a khazi in the garden, built around the same time. The tiles are no longer available, and we would have had to re-roof to fix the problems – if John Tidey had not noticed that we could sacrifice the khazi roof and use it as spares. I think it because the old tiles are not actually very frost proof, and if you leave an old building unheated over winter, well, There May Be Trouble Ahead – as the old song goes.

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