Teresa’s Birthday

HappyBirthdayIt was Teresa’s birthday again, I guess one of the more fortunate our unfortunate things about Teresa’s birthday is that it always around Easter and Easter is a school holiday so is always the time we are away from home. It’s nice in many ways to be away, so we can celebrate without the day to day life hassles getting in the way, but not so nice as we can’t be around family.

barbecueOne the up side we could be with some friends, Jules and Andy had managed to schedule their trip so we did at least over lap for a while, which included the day of Teresa’s Birthday, so we set aside the day to go out (don’t do working on a birthday) and then meet up with them at their property for a bar-b-q and drinks. We had done this last year and really enjoyed it, as we didn’t yet have the facilities like a loo, we agreed to do it at theirs but we would supply the food and I would do the cooking.

We had a wonderful afternoon and evening, far too much food and beer again, but superb company and its was great to see how much they had done in the past few months, and they had some fascinating stories to tell of their episode of their car breaking down on their last trip and fun and games in getting home and getting their car back at a later date.

Happy Birthday Hun!

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