Snagging, Meetings and Additional work

PMWell as expected with any new house we did find or see a number of issues over the 2 weeks that needed to be rectified, none were significant, but a couple did affect our enjoyment of the house, all of course will need to be fixed. I won’t list them all here as many are very small, the most significant was that the Shutter in our bedroom stopped working and the power tripped out a few times but always at the same time of day!

Both Marco and Paulo were brilliant in coming and meeting with us to review the issues and whilst we suspect it may take a fair time to get them resolved both were very accepting of the issues and agreed they need to be fixed. In fact Marco also pointed a couple of additional items as well. Time will tell how quickly these get resolved, but I suspect they will be done as the various trades are back on site for other things or of course we nag them!

We did also ask for budgets / quotes for a number of additional jobs.

  1. Granite blocks for a drive from the garage to the road.
  2. Fence down the side of the property
  3. Improved landscaping and a larger pump house to accommodate swimming pool machinery.
  4. Water irrigation system
  5. Pruning the trees.
  6. Possible additional work if we decide to buy the bit of land next door

math_estimateWe will have to stop soon, but to make it really nice it’s amazing just how much “other” work there is. Of course it could wait until later, but it would be nice to get it started now, funds allowing of course.

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