May 2015 – Update

month-of-may-clip-artWell May has been a relatively quiet month; the main construction of the house is completed although there are still some items to be completed. We have also asked for some additional jobs to be done, more on this in a moment, but it seems it is relatively easy to get our builder to start/work/complete the new jobs it is proving relatively difficult to get him to finish the old jobs, even with our ever-helpful project manager chasing. I think it must be the time of year as there is a reasonable amount of déjà vu here, wasn’t it about this last year that the builder seemed to vanish off the planet for a while.

At the time of writing we have only managed to get the builder to correct one of the faults we had and to be honest we think that only got done because he had another contractor on site doing similar work so he could get him to do the corrective work. Hopefully by the time we get there next month we should see some more action, but we are not holding our breath. Builders seem to be the same worldwide.

On the positive though we did manage to get 1 more job completed this month, which is good news, this was the fencing done the side of the drive. All look reasonable from the pictures, but we will be able to make a closer inspection on our next visit.

Preparations are well in hand for the purchase of the additional acre we blogged about last month and we should be signing the papers and completing the sale when we visit next month. So will let you know how that goes in a later blog.

We are back down to the hose the second week of June so watch out for the June update.

So that’s it for May,

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