Loading up

hyundai-ix35-exterior-7.jpgFinally it was time to get the car ready. The first thing was to give the car a good clean, both inside and out. Then it was time to look at that huge pile of equipment I had collated over the last few months and wonder! Yes Wonder would this all fit in the car?

Lets see what have we got, Generator, Water Pump, 100 Meters of 1” flat hose, Petrol Strimmer (oops that’s a bit long) Jerry can, and much, much more. Then there’s the picnic cool box, and wait a minute, perhaps I need room for a couple of suitcases for clothes!

I really wanted to get a wood chipper as well, but there’s no way it would fit in the car as well, is there?  With a lot a organizing, it all fitted and yes I had room for a chipper, so a quick visit to the local B & Q and it was in.

The car was loaded to the roof, but luckily all in the car, no need for a roof rack, I really didn’t want to put the roof rack on, as it would increase the fuel consumption.

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