Baby fruit

Apart from the cherries the rest of the fruit on our property is in the very early stage of development. This year we heard that everything is a few weeks behind the normal, which seems to bear out as last year we saw all the blossom at Easter, but this year we didn’t and some of the trees still had a little blossom left now.

Much of the fruit was in the next stage where the baby fruits were starting to develop. I have put a few pictures here to show some of the various trees at this time, hopefully I will be able to add some more in August and October to show how they have developed.

DSC00449.JPG DSC00494.JPG DSC00507.JPG

Above – Young Oranges, Lemon Blossom, Baby Mandarins.

Below – Pomegranate flowers and young fruit.

DSC00492.JPG DSC00493.JPG DSC00542.JPG

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