Accessing and transferring funds to our Portuguese Bank

moneytransfer1The exchange rate to the Euro was quite good at this time and we knew that we would soon have to start paying out fees etc. to the architect and maybe others, plus it would make life easier when we were over there to be able just to go to the cash dispenser and get cash without having to think about exchange rates all the time.

sharemoneySo it was time to give World First a go again. For some strange reason I was more nervous about doing this time, why was that? I wasn’t going to transfer as much as before and it was to my own account, maybe just because I hadn’t used our new Portuguese Bank account yet and this was the first transaction. Oh! Well its only money! Yes but its my (oops our) money.

It might also be that although we could get access online from the UK with no problem, the banks site is entirely in Portuguese so everything we did had to be processed via Google translate. Also World First had just released a totally online exchange process, which would give a better rate if used.

I needn’t have worried, the whole process from arranging the transaction at World First, paying the bill from my UK Bank account to seeing the Euros appear in our Montepio Account went as smooth as silk, and only took two days.

I guess the point from this blog, is take your time, check everything as you go, use a language translator. Google is great for this. Oh! I never thought I would say this, but thank goodness for Google. No they didn’t pay me for that, yet!!!


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