We have arrived!

DSC00417.JPGWe spent most of our first day, cutting the undergrowth on the drive and 1st terrace, I wasn’t going to but once there, it seemed the right thing to do and once started, you can just zone out and just worry about the next bit you need to cut and it helps to forget all the stresses and strains of the normal working world.

In the afternoon we had to go and do the usual trip to the supermarket to stock up with supplies, you know Sagres, milk for the coffee and oh yes food and water. I also took the opportunity to add €10 to the mobile phone. You will be pleased to know the plan worked, keep enough credit on the phone to use it, but don’t let it get to more than €20 or they will take the €20 and give you free tmn calls and texts for a month.

Over the week we did the usual clearing of the land and tending as best we can in such a short period of time to the trees. I know we could only water for a couple of days but any water has to be better than none, doesn’t it?

DSC00501.JPGDSC00484.JPGYou will see the brilliant job Teresa did on the stream, although the only evidence I could find on camera was me clearing the stream and Teresa sitting under the trees reading!

Whoever did the most doesn’t really matter as the result speaks for itself.DSC00443.JPG DSC00480.JPG DSC00529.JPG

I have put some photos which show the before and after, so you will see what we mean when we say it looks a lot prettier once it has been strimmed and tidied. DSC00411.JPG DSC00412.JPG DSC00413.JPG DSC00422.JPG DSC00423.JPG


Above – Top row is before any work, Second row is the same view after the tidy up.

Below – A few more photos after the tidy up and the watering started.

DSC00496.JPG DSC00498.JPG DSC00500.JPG DSC00516.JPG DSC00521.JPG DSC00522.JPG DSC00523.JPG DSC00525.JPG DSC00540.JPG

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  1. Teresa says:

    cheeky boy!! You don’t mention that I was a really poorly girl after two days clearing the stream!!

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