We had made the decision to fly down for the Easter break, so knowing easyJet’s policy of the earlier you book the cheaper the flights I was very quickly on the web site looking for a deal. I also used the same site to book a car for the week, Car Parking in the UK again with BCP or Airparks as they are now known.

Finding somewhere to stay was a challenge, I really didn’t want to stay at the hotel I used earlier that month; it was fine, but just too far really to commute daily to the plot. After an exhaustive search I found the Hotel Príncipe da Beira and from what I could tell it was right by the motorway, not sure if that might be a noise problem, but it is only for a week, but it looked like only 20 minutes at the most to the plot, as far as I could tell from google map that was. The booking was made.

We also started to look at August, whilst we didn’t want to book any hotel, as we didn’t know if the Hotel Príncipe da Beira was any good, if not we could have look around whilst there at Easter to see if there was anything else. We did know that we wanted to use the ferry from Newhaven again; so almost at the same time as arranging and booking the Easter trip we booked the ferry crossings for August. It felt good to have two trips already in the bag!

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