A House?

We both started to put a lot more thought about what sort of house we wanted. We separately put down our thoughts on paper, including little sketches of what we were thinking. I guess we must have discussed some of our ideas as when we did compare, generally we had all the same ideas.

I had emailed Paulo and Maria and they had advised us to do the same, best get at least some ideas together to give an architect an idea of want we were looking for. They would find us an architect and as they now had an idea of when we were coming they would try to set up a meeting for the spring holiday.

Here are our thoughts at this time:

  • Single Story (easy to maintain as we get older)
  • Modern construction (easy to maintain and cheaper to build?)
  • External – White walls, reddish roof.
  • Two bedrooms, both doubles
  • Master bedroom , en-suite
  • Second bedroom, bathroom to be available to whole house in the day but become en-suite when required.
  • Open plan Kitchen, Dining Area, Lounge
  • Vault ceilings
  • A washing / toilet area available on entry, so as when working can clean down before coming in.
  • As much as possibly the indoor should merge or be part of outdoor.
  • An area for a pool, but no pool at this moment (expense)
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