The Challenge

So where in Portugal? It’s a big country. What sort of area would we like, Touristy, Rural or Urban? Are we still right to go for Portugal? There were so many basic questions which we needed the answers too, but how to resolve. Where do we start? We had to start somewhere, one thing we did know was we didn’t want the Algarve. Whilst it was that area that drew us to Portugal we knew we didn’t want to be in such a  touristy area and being honest we knew we wouldn’t be able to afford that area either. We still wanted the warmth and as much sun as possible, so maybe not the North, whilst very beautiful it is very green and therefore very liable to wetter conditions, so that left us with the middle bit. So let’s start there, in fact let’s go right for slap bang in the middle and work our way out in all directions.

The one thing we did know was that we wanted some space not too much and as many fruit trees as possible. It had always been Teresa’s dream to have her own Lemon’s and Orange’s growing in her garden.

Sounds like we have a plan!

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