A rough plan is formed

For a number of years we had enjoyed 3 or 4 holidays a year and always liked to have the next one booked or at least arranged before completing the one we were on. It was during the early part of 2011 whilst looking forward to our August trip to the east coast of the USA we were struggling with where we would like to go on our next holiday, hopefully later in the year. Many ideas and places were discussed, but neither of us was sold on any of the ideas.

Then in one of our many discussions it was suggested, well what about “A Place in the Sun” for us? Could we do it? Well maybe we could take the first stage and without making any large commitments, we could perhaps have a holiday in Portugal and at least see if we still like it, after all it had been a number of years since we had been there, maybe we wouldn’t like it.

It was agreed.

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