Preparing for the drive

The thought of a 2 day drive didn’t faze us too much as we had completed many a long drive including the South of France when the children were young, but of course we are a little older now and would we be able to cope? There were other considerations too that had to be thought about, you know the important things in life like, breakfast and most important of all coffee. How were we going to get our regular rather large cups of freshly brewed coffee? We should probably take some bottled water and of course plenty of fizzy drinks. We had seen that Halfords the UK Car and cycle accessory chain had an offer on a cool box that you could plug into the mains or the car, now there was an idea, which would keep our food fresh. A purchase was made. We also brought a small camping type stove that we could boil water.

As the date for departure approached, supplies were purchased, eggs, bacon, water, frying pan, kettle, mugs, milk etc and most important of all the coffee, freshly purchased from Whittards and ground to cafetiere grade.

We’re ready to go, I think!

Did I mention coffee? smiley

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