Off we go !

Hurrah at last it’s time for the off! For some reason it seems to have been a long time coming around this trip, but the car is washed and clean and suitably packed, with the essential supplies of eggs / bacon and coffee, oh yes and I suppose some clothes as well.

logoLDWe are travelling via the Newhaven to Dieppe ferry again this time which we are both much happier about. The ferry arrives in Dieppe at 4:00am and then its on to Bayonne for the Sunday night, and push on through Spain and Portugal Monday, we should arrive around 1:00ish on Monday, which will give us a bit of time to see how the plot has fared over the last couple of months and unload some of the stuff we are taking down before going to the apartment.

logo-KFC8:00pm and its time to set off for the ….. , no not the port yet, first things first, KFC for the compulsory 3 piece variety meal, and then it’s time for the ferry.

See you there!

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