November Update

November-Word-3Well it’s been another busy month, progress has been good, although it seems a bit slower than last month. We think that has been because, as when the walls and roof go on, you see a lot of change quickly, now that is done, we are moving on to the less obvious but just as important parts of the build. The weather also has not done us any favours, so any finishing on the outside has been a bit restricted.

From the photos you will see that most of the roof is now in place, the chimneys are there. The remainder of the external walls are in place and all of the internal walls are done. All of these still need to be finished and the final finishes applied, none of which will get done until the services, plumbing, electric etc have been installed, but at least the main structure is now in place.

The first finishing component seems to be in place as well, in the latter photos for the month you will see the granite around the doors/windows has been applied, if you look a little closer you can see the groove in the granite that the shutters will slide up and down in. You can also see the boxed in areas above the same areas where the shutters will be located.

In the very latest photos you can see all the plumbing and electrics are starting to be installed and the rendering on the outside of the garage has started.

Paulo, the project manager, has had his hands full this month too, with having several weeks, months of little activity, Marco the builder is pushing on and therefore more questions arise and need to be answered, some he can answer himself, the rest he has to translate into English for us, then translate our replies back into Portuguese for Marco. All that and trying to relay the questions to us in a way that we understand has been interesting, but worked well. We have found that we do have to repeat things several times, but it’s fine, and important that everyone is sure as none of us want to get it wrong.

Anyway here are some of the photos over the course of the month so you can see the progress for yourself. Starting to look like a house at last.

Pictures from 5th November

IMG_20141104_113506.jpg IMG_20141104_113604.jpg IMG_20141104_113637.jpg IMG_20141104_113658.jpg IMG_20141104_113727.jpg IMG_20141104_113937.jpg

Pictures from 10th November

IMG_20141110_104252.jpg IMG_20141110_104309.jpg IMG_20141110_104357.jpg IMG_20141110_104401.jpg IMG_20141110_111033.jpg IMG_20141110_111109.jpg

Pictures from 21st November

IMG_20141120_095611.jpg IMG_20141120_095909.jpg IMG_20141120_095924.jpg IMG_20141120_100148.jpg IMG_20141120_100357.jpg IMG_20141120_100605.jpg

The very latest pictures from 4th December

IMG_2458.jpg IMG_2459.jpg IMG_2461.jpg IMG_2462.jpg IMG_2487.jpg IMG_2489.jpg

  IMG_2466.jpg IMG_2475.jpg IMG_2480.jpg

 IMG_2463.jpg IMG_2481.jpg IMG_2485.jpg

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