July 2015 – Update

Landscape2July has started reasonably well. The landscaping seems to be complete, looking really good now, although it looks very naked. Landscape1We are sure the natural vegetation will gradually find its way back we hope anyway! There was one Orange tree that was in the wrong place so had to be moved. The guys did a good job, but of course any tree that has been established for a while doesn’t like being moved. SadOrangeTreeIt looks very dead now, all the leaves are brown, one can only hope that with some feeding and watering it may survive and shoot again next year, fingers crossed.

A new plant room has been built and whilst it is still a bit obvious at the moment we are positive that with the two olive trees around it and when the natural vegetation returns it will be well hidden. At the time of writing it looks like it still needs a door and some paint maybe. PlantRoomWe had it built larger than needed at this time as we are aiming to put a swimming pool in soon and we would like all the machinery that is required for that to also be sited in that building.

Kitchen2On the inside the granite worktops have now been fixed in and the last panels for the units are in place, I have waited until the absolute end of the month to update this blog to get the very latest update. If fact the news is pretty good. Kitchen3The sink is all in and we seem to have taps, hopefully with water and waste connected. All the electrical appliances are installed and the chimney duct for the cooker hood is in the process of being installed. It looks a tremendous piece of engineering, we just hope and trust they have a really good fixing into the roof.

Kitchen1So from what we can see the only bits left for the kitchen are, the tiling behind the sink, the cooker hood chimney, the decor door on the dish washer and it looks like they are having to make adjustments to the cupboard above the fridge freezer, so that needs refitting, but I reckon we can use it.

Bathroom2Bathroom1There has also been some progress in the bathroom in the entrance hall, whilst it still needs the control on the toilet and the shower screen. The floor has now been done the way we requested.

Whilst we have had a flurry of things getting done, again the pace seemed to have slowed in the middle of the month, possibly because the amount of new work we have scheduled in is less. So we are suffering still a bit on the snagging list issues, although some are getting fixed. Marco is aware we will be there again in a couple of weeks so if he is true to form we should get a little flurry of work completed, he says hopefully.

Bed1Bed2Also this month we have had a couple of things on the furniture front, Filipe from the shop where we brought the beds has been true to his work and delivered a replacement bed for the one he damaged when delivering (he over tightened one of the legs) He had also delivered the furniture (bedside cabinets, dressing tables and mirrors for both the bedrooms. These although he knows we are good for it, we haven’t paid for yet, they are extremely trusting to deliver these goods and wait until we get t here in a few weeks to be paid. This we will definitely do, we must never break this trust, and it’s really refreshing. Hopefully if you ever do anything like this project, you too will see this and benefit and not abuse this trust, it’s worth its weight in gold, as they say.

SofaBedAlso back at Easter we had ordered a sofa/bed for the lounge and that was delivered as well. Unfortunately it seems there are a couple of problems with the sofa/bed. The unit has been badly fitted together on site by whoever delivered the product and there is some damage on the cushions, where it looks like it has been scraped along the ground and worn the cloth away. Paulo our Project manager once again is coming to our rescue and is in negotiation with the company we ordered it from to ascertain what will be done to rectify the issue. In the meantime we can still use it. The only other thing was we ordered a darkish material, which is what we got, no problem, but it will show the brush marks as you use it. No problem, but something you might like to bear in mind if you order a sofa.

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