It’s the end of March 2014


Lets start with a spring is sprung! Here’s a photo of one of the fig trees starting to produce fruit for this year, always good to see the signs of spring.


IMG_20140331_094338.jpgWe have moved forward again a little since our last posting, but the bad weather the past few days has once again hampered progress. You will see from the latest few photos here that we do now have some concrete and the start of some metal work, but you will also see the horrible low cloud and wet ground. This does have some benefit I guess in it gives time for the concrete to set completely and we are progressing, (ever the optimist).

IMG_20140331_094351.jpgIf you have been reading this blog from the start, you will know that we always try to highlight the good and the bad equally as we progress. At this point we feel that once again we should highlight the importance of getting some good project management for the project. In our case we are using the architects for the project management; this we feel has been one of our best decisions, they have been involved right from the concept stage so are as interested to see a successful completion to the project as we are.

However nice it would be, we can’t visit the site as often as the project may require and see for ourselves the progress. Having trusted people to manage the build on your behalf is unquestionably an advantage. In the main they can answer any queries from the builder quickly and because they visit on a regular basis we get these regular photos of progress, which of course we can share with you.

Having the architect project managing is most definitely a good idea and at this point we would most definitely recommend this route.

IMG_20140331_094315.jpg IMG_20140331_094325.jpg IMG_20140331_094441.jpg IMG_20140331_094446.jpg IMG_20140331_094500.jpg IMG_20140331_094544.jpg IMG_20140331_094601.jpg IMG_20140331_094613.jpg IMG_20140331_094616.jpg IMG_20140331_094618.jpg IMG_20140331_094620.jpg IMG_20140331_094701.jpg

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