21st March 2014

IMG_3045.JPGWell there hasn’t been a lot of action in the past week or so, as we had our first obstacle to overcome, apparently the ground is quite soft and the builder felt that the foundations should be deeper than indicated on the plans and that he would prefer to add some additional columns in the walls to increase the stability and make for a stronger construction especially as we have a reasonably long open plan area and the additional columns would allow for the main roof supporting beam down the length to be a slightly smaller profile.

IMG_3047.JPGPaulo our Project Manager and architect agreed but felt that the change should be first approved by the structural / stability engineer that was involved in the design and plans. All seems very sensible to us. On the down side it has delayed progress by a few days, but on the up side we are told there is no change to the cost or the overall design of the house. The additional pillars would be contained within the current wall profiles.

The first modifications of the drawings were reviewed on Friday, but Paulo noticed that some of the new pillars were not in a good position, so the plan is being reviewed again over the weekend and he should get the final corrections on Monday, so all being well, things should start to progress again from Monday.

We are planning to be there ourselves in a couple of weeks so it will be great to see it for ourselves.

IMG_3046.JPGHere you can see the road in to our site from the local village.

You can also see a side view of the new electrical connection box, this still needs to be rendered but no point until the construction of the house is completed.




This is the track on to our plot from the main road, you can just see the hut down the track a bit and where the new drive will be into the parking area of the new house.


Here are a few more pictures from the 21st, as you can see not a lot of progress.

IMG_3048.JPG IMG_3049.JPG IMG_3050.JPG

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