House Update

The final sign off documents are now with the council, including all the required papers for the house and the pool, I am lead to understand that all that’s needed now is a single signature from the builder and everything else is good to go. We just need to get the builder to the council office to sign were he missed, no easy feat I can tell you, remember its Marco we are talking about here. Maybe when we are next there we will have to kidnap him and take him to the Council and not release him until he has put pen to paper.

Adjustments to the electric gate, ensuring it closes without straining the fixings, which also has now been done.

We have also asked Paulo our Project Manager to try and get the builder back to fix a couple of issues on the house, nothing too major, but things that happen as a matter of a new build settling. There are two things. A few cracks on the walls in certain places that need correcting, well within tolerance, but need putting right and some of the granite blocks in the path around the house have sunk, again due to settlement but need to be put right.

The biggest problem we know is going to be getting Marco the builder back, he has certainly become very elusive in the past year. A shame really as we thought we had built up a really good relationship with him, but it seems that perhaps others are not quite so tolerant and we seem to be paying the price.

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