February 2016

GatesFrontSo February has seen the gates all installed, although we are going to have to get the paver back at some point to adjust and tidy up the granite blocks on the drive as the locksmith had to lower some of the to allow for the main gates to open.



The main car gates are in operation, automatic openers installed as well of course. The pedestrian entrance gate in place as well.


PlantRoomThe locksmith has also installed a door to the plant room as well, where all the swimming pool filtration and the power for the water from the borehole etc. is, so that should make that a lot more secure. Just need to get the electrician back now to install some light in there so we can see!

GateMovedWe also got the locksmith to realign the green gates at the other end of the road, to follow more in line with the dirt track and have a small return, looks so much better now.


IrrControlsWhilst we are still waiting for the weather to improve enough to get the agricultural man in to complete the track down to the farm, build the bridge over the stream and install the watering system to the fruit trees, we do have the irrigation in place for the plants and grass around the house, here is a photo for the controls, will be interesting to see it all in operation in the spring and summer.

We are very nearly at the end of bulk of what we wanted to do so I think its time to stop the monthly updates on construction, although we will keep the blog going, I am sure there will be lots more interesting and informative things happening in coming months, so the blogs will be become a bit more irregular as we start to really enjoy the results of efforts.

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