Easter at last!

At last its the 30th March and time for the off. We had booked the same time flights and car reservations that I had taken when I flew out in January to make the purchase, so I was very confident in the timings and picking up the car this time. Just the exact location of the hotel might be an issue.

Of course the big difference was Teresa was with me this time. Everything went well, we picked up sandwiches and water in the airport for the journey from Lisbon Airport to the hotel, I had found that worked really well last time. We did of course have to get the traditional coffee. Hello, coffee’s back !

The flight was good we arrived on time, I knew this time where to go for the car hire, so no hanging about, straight to the desk and register. We did ask again about the motorway tolls, but got the same blank expressions that I had seen in January. Its amazing you know, the Portuguese are lovely people and speak very good English until you ask something a bit tricky, that they can’t answer and then all of a sudden they don’t speak very good English! Um do us Brits do that?

We were soon on the road and making our way up the A1 across on the A23 , clocking up the toll fees and approaching Fundão keeping our eyes peeled for the hotel. “There it is”, Teresa shouted as we came out of the tunnel. Well that was easy. About 10:30 we where settled in our room.

The room was nice, nothing special, but more than adequate. We settled for the night.

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