Day 3 – Property 9

Property 9 – I am afraid there are no photos of this property, it was so wrong and the rain was so heavy, we didn’t bother, but the story to get there is worth a mention. It is important to consider just how cold and wet we were by now, Maria was starting to show signs of wishing she had never met us and longing that she was back in her cosy warm office.

We drove for about 20 minutes before setting off down a dirt track, running between some large open fields, as we progressed down the track; the puddles were turning into pools and very nearly small lakes. I was driving gingerly through each one as I really didn’t want to get stuck, remember we were in a reasonably high off the ground Hyundai, which was comical really as Maria and Paulo, in the little Saxo was gone way off in the distance, well we assume it was in the distance we couldn’t see it, we smiled at the thought that perhaps it had disappeared under the water in one of these pools we were driving through. Perhaps we had driven over the top of them?

A while later we realised they were quite safe, thank goodness, they pulled up near a medium sized farm, and pointed to the house we were trying to see, it was in the middle of a field and we think that maybe they had decided that we had lost interest as they had to wait for us to catch up and that their little car was at the end of it tether, certainly it seemed that Maria was.

The house looked very bland, it didn’t look anything Portuguese, I guess I could best describe it as looking like one of those grey concrete houses you would normally see in the cities of Scotland, like Dundee. It came with around 20 acres, which looked all very flat and uninteresting, what the hell would we do with 20 acres, I ask you. So it was a no.

Much to Maria’s disgust I think, Paulo declared there was one other property not too far away that they had remembered and as we were this way he would like us to see it. Reluctantly we agreed, as much as we wanted to look, it had been a very long day; we were all very cold, very wet and very tired. You can imagine by now, we were asking some real serious questions like,”What the hell are we doing”.

We maneuvered the 2 cars about and set off back down the river, sorry I mean track. It seemed to take even longer to get back to the main road and the guys from Remax had shot off again in the ever amazing little Saxo and were waiting for us, wondering if we had got lost. Anyway all back safe on the tarmac we set off for this extra property.

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