Day 3 – Property 8

Property 8 [Photo] – This property was very different to anything we had seen to date. Maria and Paulo wanted to show us something at the other end of the spectrum within our budget. The house was of a fairly modern design and totally ready to move into, however the location was less than ideal, it was very close to quite a main road, although the main roads here are more like a side road in an urban area of the UK. It was overlooked by what looked like animal slaughter farm, I am sure it wasn’t but it did feel like it and we didn’t like that at all, but let’s look anyway.

The garden was adequate, but only adequate it did not inspire us at all. The house was lovely inside, had many beautiful features, like a marble staircase. The garage area was strangely as large if not larger than the house and it looked like the current owners has been using it as a living area, not surprising looking at the size. As I said it was very different but really not what we wanted, so we didn’t stay for long.

By now we were beginning to get tired, this was our third day and it was mid afternoon, the rain seemed to be relentless and of course with the wet we all were starting to get cold, but based on what we had agreed back at the office we knew there was just one more property on the agenda for the day, so hopefully it wouldn’t be too far and then we could say no more for this trip and have tomorrow our last full day free to perhaps do some sightseeing and maybe have a bit of a lay in and a more restful day. Bliss!

Note: Now. At this point, we also realised that perhaps we didn’t want anything that was already habitable, well habitable within our price range as every property we had seen where it was habitable we were mentally ripping down all the internals and redesigning. So may be we should think about building something. Anyway we have plenty of time to think about that.

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