April 2016

Garden2Despite the very changeable weather this month we have managed to progress work on the farm and garden areas.




The beginning of the month was really quite wet so it was difficult for the workmen to get on site and get any real work done, but towards the end of the month the weather improved enough that work could progress.


IrrVines1Tidy1The irrigation has been laid into the vines and the fruit trees, despite pressure from the guy that was doing the work for us to rip out the old vines and plant new ones on the cleared land.

IrrFruitTrees1We wanted to maintain a status quo for the time being, once we are there more we can progress a bigger “plantation” for now we just want to “play”.

You can see by the photo why he was looking to do this, it’s a large flat area idea for a small vineyard.


May be in a couple of years eh!



Remembering of course that we brought the extra piece of land that he has now cleared just to make sure no one else could build anything there, domestic or agricultural. We were originally just going to leave it as it was, completely over gown but the guy doing the work couldn’t stand it so had to clear it.


I feel that in the next few years it may get overgrown again, but at least it has been landscaped a bit now.

FrontGate1The other job that we have managed to get done was the re-laying of granite cubes just in front of the garage, which had to be redone just because the land had settled on the outside of the building causing a small dip.

The main re-laying was the area where the gates open due to the slop of the drive this had to change to allow the gates to operate properly.

FrontGate2This looks so much better now, it was originally ok, but when the gates were installed the camber of the drive did not allow for the gates to open, so the granite blocks were hastily adjusted just to allow the gates to work and it did make a bit of a mess that has now all been put right.

So, on these two jobs there is just a bit of snagging to complete and then it’s set to go.


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4 Responses to April 2016

  1. Rob says:

    Wow, looks awesome! Very interesting watching the development of your estate!

  2. Suzy says:

    Hi – just spotted your blog. We are just down the road – Caminho do Bartonco . – when are you moving in? It would be great to pop by and say hi when you are ready for visitors! I have just moved out here having finally been persuaded by Luke, my partner. We met you two or three years ago when you were first starting on the project. Suzy (from Brighton)

    • Ian says:

      Hi Suzy, yes we remember you, and Luke of course. We are back and forth all the time at the moment, in fact we were there at the weekend. I have your email so will either email you or maybe call by, and let you know when we are about. Hope you are settling in ok?

    • Ian says:

      Hi Suzy, Just thought I would let you know we are around for a while, please feel free to pop by, you should be able to see if we are in if the white car is in the garage..

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