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Well we have just got to go don’t we!   Its where it all started and they have an exhibition and we have been offered free entrance tickets, so theres no choice, it has to be done!

So up early, jump in the car and head off to Birmingham for the day. We didn’t expect too much as we were sure that it in the main it would be based around the TV shows and really aimed at people who are still looking to buy or invest.

We had a really nice relaxing drive, of course there was the usual copious cups of coffee that I am sure aided the relaxation.  We arrived around 11:00am and made our way to the exhibition hall.


Amanda Lamb being interviewed

It was as we expected, very focused at those still looking to buy or invest, but it was very interesting to see the presenters from the TV shows and hear what they had to say. There was no surprises or nasty shocks in what they advised, which was good.

We did sit in on a couple of the presentations, which is not something we would normally do, especially as they where about all things financial. However it was interesting to hear what was available if we decided to eventually retire to Portugal. I wont go into the details here as they weren’t that exciting and we are not ready for retirement yet, but it was good to get an idea of what might be available when the time comes.


An interview with Jasmine Harman (very pregnant)

Also if you are thinking of doing a project like this or looking to just buy, this would be a great place to investigate the different possibilities, along with details of some of the more popular countries, there are lots of people to help and advise.

From what I can see they seem to have these a couple of times a year now, so as long as Channel 4 continue with the program in one guise or another I am sure they will continue to happen.

Do we think we wished we had visited one of these exhibitions before we started? No I don’t think we did as we were so sure of where we wanted to go. If you don’t have that it is a great source of information.

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