The next few days

The next few days were hard, every discussion was about what to do. Our hearts said go for it, but our brains said no hang on, there may be something better. It was certainly the right thing to do, come home and think more about, without the pressure of the agents and the plot keep drawing you towards it.

However it didn’t take too many days before our brains and hearts were in sync. We did all the things you should, drew up a list of all the pros and cons, and the only con we could come up with was that we said we wouldn’t do anything first time out. Well we soon disposed of that con, we hadn’t, we didn’t buy first time out! We came home and thought about!

I wont list all the pro’s as I am sure you would find it boring, but if you are thinking of doing anything like this, make sure you take the time to think it all through. I am not going to say how long that should be, you will know when and whether it’s right or not.

I think the final decision was when we just couldn’t think of anything we wanted that wasn’t on the plot, within our budget. We had by now come to the decision that we wanted a new build. It could be to our design and everyone wishes they can design their our house and we now have the opportunity to realise that dream. I haven’t on purpose mentioned anything about our age or our budget as they aren’t generally relevant, our story is relevant whatever your age or budget, but they did now have a bearing on the project.

I am not going to say exactly how old we are, that would be too much, but just to remind you that our children are grown up so we are not in our 20’s. This is relevant, as our design would bear in mind that we wanted something that would be easy to maintain and we weren’t looking to build a mansion, just something simple and on one level, it would easier to maintain.

On the price side, again its not really relevant, if you are really that interested please email and I would be happy to tell you, but it was when we realised that the price we were looking to pay was less than the price of the car we were driving and we didn’t blink at spending it on buying the car and we knew that we would loose up to 50% of the cars value as soon as we drove it of the forecourt. The final decision financially was when we answered the question, if it all went wrong and we lost the money would it bankrupt us. The answer was no, whilst no one likes to waste money, it wouldn’t kill us.

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