Meeting the Architect again

tarja1We had one further meeting with the architect that week, Pedro came to the hotel to present to us his proposal, this didn’t have any real detail of the property we wanted, but was the contract of their fees and outlined what they would do for us.

It all looked good to us, but what did we know? The price seemed good, their pricing is based on the process rather that the property so was reasonably easy to understand. Like everything we do, we do not make decisions immediately, we don’t dither, but we do like time to think to discuss. If you do anything like this, I really suggest you take this approach it works. If it’s a wrong decision its wrong, at least it’s a thought out wrong decision.

We also wanted to run everything past Maria and Paulo, as I said in an earlier posting, don’t under estimate the help and guidance these sort of people can give you. You don’t have to do anything they say, but they are local and they know the local way of doing things. If you get good people they are invaluable. Thank you Paulo and Maria / Remax.

We actually met with Pedro for around two hours, enjoying coffee and discussing the area. He spoke a lot about himself and his family as well as the company, Plataforma. It is very comforting and important I think to understand the people and organisations you are working with. We ended the meeting saying we would get back to them in the next couple of weeks. Our thinking was we could run it past Paulo and Maria to check the content and pricing to make sure everything was included and the coast was reasonable.

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