Last days and Home

homeBy the time it came to set off home, we felt we had both achieved a lot and had also had some relaxing time, although more relaxing time would always be welcomed. Still plenty of time for that when we have the house completed. This year we had decided to have the two weeks at Easter to see if we could clear the bulk of the clearing, would it make it easier in the summer? The idea was sound, but not sure how it is going to work out, last year I am sure it would have worked, but the weather for 2013 was not good, well certainly not as good as 2012 and therefore it may be that everything keeps growing until later as the summer drought may not happen.

We are intending, well more than intending, we have booked to be back again in June, we have heard and read that the area we are in is famous for its cherries and we have seen miles and miles of cherry trees. In the first weeks of June there is a cherry festival and a cherry feast and we really hoped we could experience it.

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