Day 3 – Property 7

Property 7 [Photo] – The property was in a lovely area, fairly remote but not too far from neighbours, it was a short distance from a village, over a very pretty little bridge and down a short dirt track through a fairly dense wooded area.

The first thing that noticeable was that a few of the trees were showing signs of burning, they were quite black in places, although it looked like whatever it was had happened a while ago. The track opened up to reveal an old farm building that looked like it had been a ruin, but the owner had started to renovate, but only to the point of raising the walls and putting on a new roof, but was this as a result of a fire, it didn’t look like it but our suspicions were raised.

The plot of land that came with the build was about an acre, but totally flat and devoid of any plants or trees, so fine for planting, but very uninteresting and little opportunity to build any character in. On inspection of the building we noticed a distinct crack on the end wall, which the owner had tried to disguise, not very well, I might add. Whilst interesting was not what we were looking for.

Note: This property does become a significant place in our adventure in the coming months, for various reasons. It was at this point we think that we realised that whatever we did end up buying, if we ever did, the land would have to have some sort of character e. not flat and boring.

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