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WF1Following on from yesterday’s post about the excellent service received from Montepio, I am pleased to be able to write about the excellent service received yesterday from World First. It does seem a bit contradictory to be writing about a superbly quick service on a blog about a project that all about getting away from the world of “instant gratification” but sometimes, just sometimes it is nice to see.

I guess this is just as much about the whole banking and currency processing operation as it involved a number of banks and companies, but I will award the praise to World First on this occasion as that’s who in the main I was dealing with.

As a result of charges I wrote about in my last blog, I did as I said transferred some more funds into the Montepio account to stop any unnecessary charges. I logged into my account at World First (World First are a Currency exchange company) at around 8:45 a.m. monitored the rate for about 5 minutes and then booked my transaction. The rate is fixed at this point and as long as you transact over a certain amount they do not charge a fee.

I received an email back with a minute confirming the transaction and giving me all the details I needed to transfer the Sterling amount to them. I immediately went online with my UK bank as made the transfer, you don’t have to do it that quick but I did. So by just before 9:00am it was booked and paid for.

About mid morning probably around 10:30am I received another email confirming the money was in their account and they would process the transfer. In the middle of the afternoon I got an email confirming that the transfer had been made.

I got home at about 6:30pm and checked our Montepio account and hey presto, the money was already in the account, I don’t know exactly what time it happened but I reckon that’s a super service. Deal done and completed transfers in less than 9 hours.

Again I hope I can continue report good things about World First going forward. Well done Guys, and Girls.

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