What to do?

WhattodoSo now we are back and once again into the day to day life cycle and planning for our next trip later in the year, we need to set ourselves some objectives or targets otherwise time will pass and not much else will happen.

So we are planning to go back at the end of October, so let’s see if we can complete the builder selection process by then. We can at least then get moving with applying for the licence as mentioned in a recent blog and making arrangements with the architect to project manage the whole thing and then maybe we get to “cut the first sod” as they say at the start of 2014, that’s start the build to everyone else 🙂

excelI was going to do my usual detail analysis on the quotes / estimates that we had received and sat down with my MacBook and Excel and started, after just a few minutes it was clear that this was a ridiculous waste of time, in some ways it was possible in others not as the details and content varied. So we decided to take a more generic approach.

Gut Feel, who did we have a good feeling about and who was not so good, what was the overall price? And what were the big ticket items that were included or not. Once we had this we did have a clear favourite, although there were still a lot of questions we needed answers to.

FingersCrossedSo a quick, well not so quick really email, it took me a while to compose, to get the questions asked and now I guess we have to wait a few days, and then chase again, but determined we are to get the selection processes and final quote agreed by our next visit. (Fingers Crossed).

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