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We are Ian and Teresa at the time of starting this blog we are living in a small town on the south coast of England called Peacehaven, if you look on a map it is in Sussex about 7 miles east of Brighton.

We married in 1981 and have lived in our current house since 1983 raising and getting a great deal of delight from our two wonderful children. We have been fortunate to enjoy holidaying in many places in the world both with our children and more latterly without, as holidaying with mum and dad is not cool! This had allowed us to afford visiting more exotic destinations.

In 2010 we decided that whilst we still enjoyed life our lifestyle was becoming a little staid and we needed a fresh challenge. Regularly on a Sunday morning whilst enjoying a well deserved lay in, watching “Place in the Sun” on Television and enjoying a freshly brewed coffee we realised that we were continually commenting of how nice that would be and we wish that we could do something similar. So why don’t we? the children are all grown up and we don’t need to go on exotic holidays. Could we raise the funds? Where? We had been too many places but Portugal had always been our first love. We had many fond memories of holidays there in the early 90’s with our children and with Teresa’s parents. We had always said about the possibility of retiring there. We loved the country and the people. So why not?

Thus Project Portugal was conceived.

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  1. Marc & Mieke says:

    Hi Ian and Teresa read your blog!!!
    can not wait to see you in April
    ‘m glad they finally started building!
    Marc & Mieke

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