Garage Doors

We have a small garage which came with the extra piece of land we brought. The building itself is well built, even if it is a bit rough. The only issue was the doors they badly needed replacing, several of the hinges were broken and it wasn’t very secure. The doors although in 4 sections and folding opened inwards, which was a bit restrictive. The previous owners had also poured concrete on the floor to make a solid base inside the garage but they didn’t allow for the doors so they never really opened properly.

You can see the old verses the new doors in these photos.

We spoke to Miguel Valente, the guy who make and fitted our main entrance gates. We agreed with him what was required and he made the doors and fitted them within 3 weeks! excellent service eh!

He did a brilliant job and I think the garage will fall down now before the doors give up, you can see from the photos here the result, including the size of the lock and bolts. Its certainly a strong and secure job.

I guess I will have to smarten the outside now and repaint.

If you want more details about Miguel Valente, please email me at

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