The Hotel

tryp-covilha-dona-maria.jpgWe arrived at the hotel late afternoon; it was about 25 minutes drive from our property, so we got that right.  Finding the actual hotel in Covilhã wasn’t too hard either, there only seemed to be one main road up into the town and everything was very well sign posted. We soon saw signs for the hotel and after a quick 360 at a roundabout we were pulling into the car park.

Checking is was easy and we were lucky in getting a room on the 4th floor. The room was fine, clean, tidy and air conditioned, and we had a lovely view across the town and the valley. Closer inspection we found the swimming pool, well we will certainly be making use of that and on route we found the gym, right I don’t think we want that eh!!

The next thing on the plan for the day was food. We found the hotel restaurant; everything looked good, very nicely laid out and from what we could see they operated a buffet style meal for a quite reasonable price. The decision was maybe not tonight as we felt we wouldn’t be able to do a big meal justice.

On the way up to the hotel we had noticed a shopping mall close to the hotel, and in fact we could see it from our room. It didn’t seem to be too far away so we decided to make our way across town to find it. In fact it was only about 5 minutes and we were soon looking around the shops. There was a cinema and a very nice food hall, including the usual Burger King and Pizza Hut. We didn’t need much so it was a Burger King, a quick visit to the Continental Supermarket and back to the hotel to sleep.

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