The Conversation

Well I think by know you can imagine the conversation in our car as we followed the guys back to the motorway service station and onward back to the hotel. We were both so enthused about what we had just seen, but of course this is only the first visit and we are not buying and anyway we hadn’t seen what sort of views the property had.  Whilst it seemed idyllic in fruits trees, layout, electricity was to the edge of the plot, general overall size was perfect, just less than 2 acres and the land had some real character, there could have been a chemical factory or something equally horrible nearby we didn’t have a clue, as we couldn’t see beyond a few feet.

“I love it” Teresa declared “If we feel this way when the weather is so bad, imagine how we would feel if it was sunny”. I agreed, but we still needed to see more properties and see this one again on a better day. We knew we only had one day left this trip before setting off for the 2 day drive home and we had seen enough this trip, so tomorrow was outlined to be a day of rest and relaxation.(Yay)

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