New Year – Keeping in contact with friends

renovationsWe kept in touch with Jules and Andy during the long cold winter months and the gap between last October/November till next Easter. We knew they were going to spend the Christmas period at their place, we were so jealous, so we kept email correspondence during the cold winter months. It was good to hear how their renovations were progressing.

smartWhat wasn’t so good to hear was the problems they had incurred during this time, when their little smart car had decided enough was enough and didn’t want to play anymore? I won’t go into the details here as that’s their life story and not ours, but just to say we will be catching up with them in the summer and listening to the experience so if we are ever unfortunate to fall foul of the same problems we might have an idea what to do.

220px-Sagresbottle220px-SagresbottleThe other benefit of keeping in touch is we could liaise on when we both possible visiting our respective properties, and whilst both families didn’t want to interfere with each other’s plans and life style it was nice if we could match up our visits for the occasion visit and story exchange and maybe just a beer or two.

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